115 biryanis per minute samosas equaling new zealand population ordered by desis in 2021


New Delhi. Biryani among the food lovers in the country (Biryani) Doesn’t require any identification. Now online food delivery platform Swiggy (Swiggy) annual data of (Annual Data) I have come to know how much people like Biryani as a dish in the country. According to Swiggy data for the year 2021, Indians ordered 115 biryani almost every minute throughout the year, ie approximately 2 times every second.

On the other hand, samosas have also been very popular when it comes to snacks. According to the data, people ordered samosas almost equal to the population of New Zealand through the app. Talking about Biryani, it has been at number one in the charts for the 6th consecutive year. According to the cities, the figures show that Chennai, Hyderabad, Lucknow and Kolkata have the highest order of Chicken Biryani. This was the second favorite dish in Bangalore. At the same time, the second favorite dish in Pune was Dum Biryani.

Chicken Biryani is more ordered than Veg Biryani
At the same time, the number of people ordering veg biryani is also good. However, people ordered almost four times more chicken biryani than veg biryani. Biryani has not only been the most popular in general, but it has also been the fourth most popular dish on Swiggy’s meat store.

In the case of snacks, samosa number one, pav bhaji number two
In the case of snacks, samosa won. After that comes the number of Marathi Pav Bhaji. Let us tell you that in a recent data released by Google, it was revealed that Indian people have consumed the most enoki mushroom this year. (Enoki Mushrooms) Searched the dish. Indian people who are fond of food and drink, search dishes fiercely on Google and YouTube.

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