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#Chennai: He is only two and a half years old, but when he sees his memory, his eyes will light up. The names of all the leaders of the country, the states and the capitals, the names of the Tamil months, the names of the English months, the 246 Tamil letters, the numbers and even the names of the vehicles are gleaming when you see the pictures. How is that possible? Children of this age are not old enough to talk. It’s time to just say a few words and learn to recognize flowers and fruits. But in addition to setting records by seeing the fame of Mayan, the son of Vallaji and Nandini of Tamil Nadu, he is now known to the world as the Wonder Boy (2 Year Old Records).

Valaji and Nandini live in Shivganga of Thiruvananthapuram. Mayan was born two and a half years ago. The parents noticed that this little memory was a little different from the others. As a result, even though he has not been able to speak well yet, his ability to recognize by force of memory has improved. Thinking according to age is like setting a record. Mayan can say the name quickly by showing the picture. Even if he asks a question several days later, he can remember it.

The wonder boy Mayan. The wonder boy Mayan.

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Realizing this exceptional ability, Mayan’s parents began to teach him the names of flower-fruit-leaders. He has learned to say 248 Tamil letters, numbers, car names, English month names, Tamil month names, state and capital names in one album. And Mayan learns and remembers them very quickly. Mayan’s parents also want to show this power to the world. And they mentioned this talent in India Book of Records and Kalam Book of Records. Mayan’s amazing power has been acknowledged by both organizations.

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A 4-year-old boy still had a record of saying and remembering all this. This time Mayan moved to that place. Mayan has been recognized by India Book of Records and Kalam Book of Records, according to his mother Nandini. Mayan’s parents said that their goal is to make them big people in the future.

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