35 paise share has been 200 rupees, 1 lakh rupees in 3 years has been more than 5 crore!

#NewDelhi: In the last two years, various types of shares have given investors a multibagger return. One such multibagger share in India is Flomic Global Logistics Share. The share price of this multibagger penny stock has risen from 0.35 paise to 198.45.

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In almost 3 years, this multibagger penny stock has increased 57 times in Flumic Global Logistics. Looking at the history of the share price of Multibagger Penny Stock, it can be seen that the share price of Flumic Global Logistics has risen from Rs 10.36 to Rs 198.45 in the last 6 months. So far, shares of this multibagger penny stock Flumic Global Logistics have risen 1919 percent.

1 lakh has become 5.6 crore

If one had invested Rs 1 lakh in this multibagger penny stock Flumic Global Logistics 3 years ago, he would now get a return of Rs 5.6 crore. Shares of this multibagger penny stock Flumic Global Logistics reached a high of 216 in the 52nd week of 2021.

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Flumic Global Logistics

Flumic Global Logistics Limited operates as a logistics company. At Flumic Global Logistics Limited, the company provides worldwide distribution, customs broking, cargo, consolidation, multimodal transport and central trade services. Over the past 3 years, the company’s stock has gradually reached its highest level and turned into a multibagger penny stock. Investors get good returns by investing in the shares of this company.

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Multibagger penny stock

A stock that multiplies the amount of money invested by investors is called a multibagger stock. Multibagger shares can be easily identified by looking at the company’s performance. Earnings per share are much higher in multibagger stocks. As a result, the amount of money invested in such multibagger stocks is likely to increase several times and get a good return. As a result, investors get a good amount of profit. If you invest Rs 1 lakh in this type of multibagger stock, you are likely to get a return of crores of rupees in 3.4 years. This type of multibagger stock makes it easy for investors.


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