4 Best IDM Alternatives To Use

IDM is short for Internet Download Manager which is one of the widely used download managers out there. It comes packed with features that make it more useful to users. Some of the main features of the software are download resume, speed acceleration, video grabber, and much more.

The thing with IDM is that it is only meant for Windows users. Also, it is not free software. After the 30-day trial period, you need to buy the software and activate it using the required IDM serial number. For this reason, many users are unable to use it.

If you are looking for the best IDM alternatives that are free and will also work with other operating systems, you are in the right place.

Top IDM Alternatives To Use This Year

Here is a list of some of the best IDM alternatives that you can use.


This is open-source software that is equipped with all the good features of IDM. Some of the main features offered by it include setting bandwidth limitations, resuming downloads, and automatic CAPTCHA solving. Apart from this, it has many features that make it our top choice. For instance, it can extract an archive file after downloading it. The software also has multiple language support, so you don’t find it hard to use. The good thing is it is compatible with all the major platforms including Linux, macOS, Windows, and other Java-based software.


The next best option we have is EagleGet. This is an easy-to-use download manager with lots of features. It includes download acceleration, scheduled downloading, theming option, and many other things that you will like. However, the best thing about the tool is that it can check for malware, and that too without an anti-virus program. This feature keeps your device safe while downloading. It also can import the entire download list from the download manager you were previously using. Furthermore, it has the option to even resume expired downloads.


This is a powerful download manager developed for Windows. It has top-of-the-class features which makes it the best alternative for IDM. It has 10x download acceleration, unlimited download categorisation, and much more. This tool is also effective in keeping your device safe while downloading files online. That’s because it can automatically bring up an anti-virus program to check for virus threats. It was previously called “Jet Car.” The only issue is that it is compatible only with Windows.

Turbo Download Manager

If you are looking for a free download manager, Turbo Download Manager could be the option for you. It makes use of multi-threading downloads to boost the download speed. This tool has many features in common with IDM. For instance, it has pause/resume downloads and automatic video grabbing. It also allows you to preview media files before download. All these features make it a better choice. It has a user-friendly interface, so you will find it easy to handle. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS.

There’s no doubt IDM is a great download manager. But if you want a download manager for platforms other than Windows, then you can choose from the ones mentioned above.

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