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#NewYork: Social media has become a medium of entertainment these days. What is not in this world of entertainment! All of our favorite topics have come to us in one way or another through social media. From brainstorming games to assorted games, thousands of pieces of information created for entertainment are in our hands today.

Recently, a picture of such a brainstorming game is going viral on social media these days. What’s in that picture?

That picture with a total of seven horses is now in trend. A total of 6 horses are known to be hidden in this picture due to the mixture of optical illusions. But the funny thing is that most people, that is, about 99 percent of the people can see only five horses in it. Pictures like spending time during Christmas and New Year season have started to be shared again.

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This type of game is called brainstorming game in a sense. Many horses are seen in that viral picture. Social media users have been challenged to find the horses in the picture. This image is also an excellent example of optical illusion. However, such pictures are very difficult to understand. In the comments section below the photo, many have already spoken out. Why not, even after watching very carefully, people can’t find more than 5 horses in this picture. But the person who shared the picture, his clear answer – there are a total of 8 horses in the picture.

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This image has been uploaded to the American site Kids Environment Kids Health (Kids Environment Kids Health). People were asked how many horses are in the picture? But the funny thing is, the more we look at the picture, the more confused we become. 99% of people see five horses in this picture, but that’s wrong.

The correct answer to this picture has also been given on that website. According to Kids Environment Kids Health, there are 6 horses hidden in this picture. Five of these are clearly visible. According to the website, if we see 8 horses in it, then we have to understand that we deserve a lot of attention. So, the question is who can see 6 horses in it?

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