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Colombo: Precious stone weighing 310 kg! The jackpot can be called 6 The huge blue sapphire was recovered in Sri Lanka three months ago. Recently an exhibition of that stone was organized

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Sri Lanka is famous for its gems or precious stones Many other precious gems like topaz, sapphire or sapphire, amethyst are found in that country. That is why Sri Lanka can be called the land of gems This giant sapphire has been recovered from a mine in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka The market price is estimated at 100 million US dollars

Sapphire or any type of sapphire stone is a very precious and precious gem. So the price of these is much higher The more fine quality the stone, the higher the price There is enough demand for sapphire in the market Sapphires are as precious as diamonds, rubies and emeralds It costs a lot of money to buy a few carats There is no doubt that the price of a whole stone of 310 kg will be a lot

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This gem has been named ‘Queen of Asia’ Sapphire weighing 510 kg was found last July. But that was not the case. It was a small blue cluster. But this time unbroken sapphire was found in Ratnapura mine.

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