A man from Poland has made a world record by building the tallest bicycle. The people from Poland has created a tallest cycle, itself a record. – News18 Bangla


#London: There are people all over the world who go to great lengths to create something that will amaze everyone. A lot of the time they made all those amazing things Guinness World Record (Guinness World Record). Recently a man from Poland made such a thing that his name has now become popular all over the world. The man from Poland built the world’s tallest bicycle, which is about 24 feet high. His name has risen to the Guinness Book of World Records for making this high bike.

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Guinness World Records recently shared a video of themselves on Instagram. The video shows a man riding the tallest bicycle in the world. Adam Zdanowicz is the tallest cyclist in the world. Adam built the world’s tallest bicycle at 24 feet.

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Made the world’s tallest bicycle in a month – Adam reportedly likes to make a variety of different things. He took on a challenge to build the tallest bicycle in the world. For this he decided to make the tallest bicycle in the world and ride it.

It took Adam Danobic about a month to build the world’s tallest bicycle. It also took Adam Danobic three more weeks to get the bike ready to ride. Adam Danobic says he used only recycled material to build the world’s tallest bicycle.

Instagram Response –Many on social media are praising Adam Danovik’s amazing work. Many people are also making various comments there. One person commented that the design of the bike is similar to that of a Christmas tree.

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Again, many people are wondering how that person can get off a bicycle so high. Again many are commenting that it is very easy to ride that high bike, because that person has tied himself with a rope from above, so riding that high bike is not such a terrible thing. But everyone is amazed at the way that person has built a bicycle so high in 1 month.

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