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#Kolkata: Abhishek Banerjee may visit Goa again during the Christmas season and the holiday season on that occasion. According to sources, Trinamool All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee is going to Goa on December 26. Stay until the 28th. News that there is a joining program. Abhishek is also scheduled to meet with activists and supporters there. Initially, it was learned that Abhishek will go to Goa on the 28th, but later the day may change.

According to sources, Abhishek Banerjee will visit Goa from Goa. He also has multiple programs there. The political circles think that Abhishek’s visit to Tripura is also significant enough. Abhishek will be in Tripura on December 29 and 30 after his visit to Goa. The Trinamool thinks that in a very short span of time, the Trinamool has done well in the Tripura by-elections despite the BJP’s widespread terror. Abhishek will return to Kolkata on December 31. The Trinamool has been repeatedly setting foot in West Goa for the purpose of relevance in national politics. The party also wants to use the Christmas festivities in public relations.

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Assembly elections in Goa early next year. So at the moment Goa is dominating the grassroots. Mamata Banerjee recently visited Goa and was accompanied by Abhishek Banerjee. Trinamool All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee is expected to visit Goa once again at the end of the year. Christmas is celebrated on a grand scale in Goa. People from home and abroad go to Goa at this time. The Trinamool wants to use this time to strengthen the organization and increase public relations.

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Earlier this month, Mamata Banerjee visited Goa and held public meetings and meetings with party workers. He also met with prominent people of the state. During the visit, Mamata claimed that the only alternative to three decades of BJP rule in Goa could be an alliance between the Trinamool and the Maharashtra Gomantak Party (MGP). This time, Abhishek is stepping foot in Goa following the path of Trinamool leader to increase the tension.


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