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#NewDelhi: Teens have a final say in the coronavirus vaccine. According to the rules of the central government, written or oral consent of parents is not required for this, said Dr. Sachin Desai.

From the very beginning, center 7 has been emphasizing with Ticker (Coronavirus Vaccine) Elderly people were most affected by the first wave of Kovid Therefore, they had priority in the case of Ticker (Coronavirus Vaccine) The front line workers were also in the first row of the ticker In the meanwhile, the fluctuations of the covid graph have been extensive After crossing the second wave, India is currently fighting with the third wave After Delta came Omicron variant 7 Omicron is in the stage of Community Transmission in India, according to Center 8 Its infection has spread widely in several metro cities of the country Although most people have been vaccinated, vaccination of children and adolescents is not yet complete However, the state is giving importance to their vaccination

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7 at the moment Nowhere in the country has a school been fully opened The doors of the school are being kept closed thinking about the health of the students But there is a lot of confusion about seeking parental consent before vaccinating adolescents The issue came to the fore after school and college campuses announced vaccinations for 15-16 year olds. The idea of ​​schools is that students need the written or oral consent of their parents before they can be vaccinated. But Dr. Desai has confirmed that it is not right He said that the schools could not force the students to bring consent letter from their parents in any way. The rule applies not only to schools or colleges, but also to all hospital-based immunization centers.

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Pramod Jog, a senior pediatrician and member of the Covid Task Force, said that although parents do not require written consent, parents should be with their child at the time of vaccination. This will increase the confidence of those who are vaccinating As well as the physical presence of the guardian is a great emotional support. So far, India Biotech’s Covacin is being used for adolescents

Omicron infection is on the rise in India at the moment. The number of victims is increasing by leaps and bounds. Health experts are concerned that the health system could collapse if this continues So the center is taking all the necessary measures considering the young people.

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