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New Delhi. A proposal regarding providing humanitarian aid to Afghanistan was discussed in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). During this, differences emerged among the members. Under the UNSC resolution, it was to be ensured that sanctions did not come in the way of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. On the one hand, China and Russia opposed the proposal. At the same time, India and France have come in its support.

China and Russia have opposed stricter surveillance and shorter deadlines for sanctions exemptions. India voted in favor of the resolution, as it provided for review in 12 months. Indian Ambassador TS Trimurti called on the council to oversee, to ensure that the funds are not misused. It is reported that Britain and Estonia have also supported the new proposal.

The Government of India has delivered 50 thousand metric tons of wheat and medicines to Afghanistan. However, India has also been consistently saying that the regime in Kabul lacks legitimacy. It is imperative for India that the Taliban ensure that it sever ties with terrorist groups in Pakistan like Let and JeM. Several countries have expressed concern that uncontrolled aid could overwhelm the Taliban.

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According to media reports, the US has continued China’s objection to the deadline to ensure support to Beijing. The review process is crucial after one year of exemption. The special thing is that it does not automatically eliminate the humanitarian exemption, but a proposal will be needed to end the exemption and re-implement the restrictions that have been removed at the moment.

According to the Security Council report, contrary to the views of China and Russia, India, France, UK and Estonia say that the council should review in a short time frame due to the rapidly changing situation on the ground. There is no mention of any time limit in the final draft. It said that the council will review the provisions after one year of their coming into force.

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