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#London: People have been trying to know the unknown for a long time. Either way. Sometimes by digging the soil, sometimes by crossing the mountains and jungles, and sometimes by exploring the deep sea, people are constantly searching for the ancient or ancient secrets of the creation of the earth. But this is the cloud, not water. Just like what happened to a couple in Britain. The incident with the couple has already gone viral on social media. What (Viral News)?

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Ben Mann and his wife Kimbarlee recently bought an old house in the United Kingdom. Ben, 39, said the house was about 100 years old. They estimate that the house was built around 1900. However, the couple said that the house is a witness of old history and tradition. The couple said they bought the old house in 2020. When they went to renovate the house last year as it was dilapidated, they saw that there was a deep tunnel under the floor of the house. Although he was a bit taken aback at first, Ben and Kimberly started investigating the whole incident without getting upset. They saw a cave under the wooden floor of a dilapidated house. Not only that, there is also a 39 step ladder to enter the cave (Couple finds 100 years old hidden room).

At first it seemed strange, but they almost entered the cave by climbing the stairs. The couple then found a damp, smelly house in a damp damp.

Although they did not understand anything at first, the couple later realized that the wine was stored in that room. On the basis of some samples obtained from that house, they were somehow convinced that the house they had bought was built in one hundred years, that is, in 1900.

They also said that the house was made entirely of wood. As it was old for a long time, it rotted in the woods. Besides, it also nested in the woodpecker. The pages of a hundred-year-old history unfold before them as they remove rotting wood and damaged carpets.

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It is learned that the couple posted the old history on their social media page after it came to light. After that the incident spread on social media. Ben said that some people are eager to observe the matter first hand. They even said that they had renovated the house by themselves. This has saved them a lot of money as well as they have been able to present the old history as a living pattern in their own minds. Ben and his wife decorated the secret cave house with various materials. The couple has made the room a bar in the connection between history and the present, just as the projector has been placed in the room, starting from the sofa in the room.

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