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# Hisar: He killed his wife and three children with a spade (Murder) One person did. Then an 11-page suicide note (Suicide Note) He also committed suicide in the hope of gaining ‘salvation’ by writing. The news of this brutal incident has caused a stir. Many are again watching the shadow of Delhi’s Burari incident (Hisar Murder And Suicide Case)!

According to police sources, Ramesh, a resident of Nangathala, Agrohar, Haryana, confessed to killing his family in the 11-page suicide note. It is clear from Ramesh’s suicide note that he is frustrated with life. It is also clear from the note that Ramesh was accompanied by his wife Sabita till his death.

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The 11-page suicide note reads, “I apologize to all of you. But I can’t leave my innocent wife and child alone in a cruel world. ” The note details how the young man killed his family after that. Ramesh further wrote, “I was different since childhood. After that, as soon as I went to college, I started seeing the world with different eyes. Everything seemed to be fake. Meanwhile, the father left. And that’s where my defeat begins. ” Ramesh’s hatred of not only the outside world but also his family members was captured in the suicide note.

It is clear from that note that Ramesh wanted to escape from worldly affairs. He said in the note that he had thought of leaving home many times in the last 10-15 years and taking sannyas. But his body was broken in an accident two years ago, so his wish to become a monk was not fulfilled. Gradually, the young man became involved in various worldly problems and lost his life.

At the end of that suicide note, Ramesh wants to be considered a coward. “No one will call me a coward or a murderer,” he wrote.

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Ramesh believes that he did this in search of his own life. In his words, “After millions of years, there will be no one on earth. Millions of people are dying every day. So whether we leave or not, nothing will come or go. Within 72 hours, everything will be back to normal and everyone’s life will start to return to normal. This world is a fake. ”

What was Ramesh’s last wish?

He wanted to say goodbye like a monk. So Ramesh wrote as his last wish, “There was no setback. The funeral will have to be taken directly from the hospital to the crematorium. I don’t have to go to Haridwar, but after burning my body in the crematorium trees, it is better to give me the remaining ashes. And I have to keep my house closed all the time, this will give me peace of mind. ”



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