AIIMS Delhi Dr Randeep Guleria Wraning Prepare and Hope Omicron Situation Does Not Get As Bad As in UK

New Delhi: new variants of kovid Omicron (Covid New Variant Omicron) It has started wreaking havoc in many countries of the world. Omicron Latest Update Due to this there has also been a big jump in the cases of Kovid-19, due to which the threat of the third wave of Kovid has also arisen. More than 150 cases of Omicron in India have been reported in India. in between All India Institute of Medical Sciences Delhi (AIIMS Delhi) Director of Dr. Randeep Guleria Has given a warning about Omicron on Sunday. He said that India should keep strong preparations in view of the new variants, but we should also keep hope that the situation does not get worse here like Britain.

Dr. Randeep Guleria has said this at a time when there has been a tremendous jump in the cases of corona in the United Kingdom. The UK is currently completely under the control of Omicron and every day close to 10,000 Kovid cases are being reported here. Dr. Guleria said that we should make full preparations so that the situation here does not turn from bad to worse like in Britain. He said that when Omicron cases increase in any part of the world, we still need more data to understand its fineness.

The UK Health Agency on Saturday released new figures for the corona virus in the country. In addition to the new variants, 10,059 cases were reported in the country in 24 hours. If we talk about the figures of Britain a day earlier, then on Friday, Kovid was confirmed in 3,201 people. From this it can be understood that due to Omicron, the cases of corona virus increased more than three times in 24 hours.

If we talk about the cases of Omicron in India, so far 151 people have been affected by it in the country. Maharashtra has once again reported the maximum number of new variants of Kovid. Omicron cases have been reported from 12 states in the country including Maharashtra (54), Delhi (22), Rajasthan (17) and Karnataka (14), Telangana (20), Gujarat (9), Kerala (11), Andhra Pradesh (1), Chandigarh (1), Tamil Nadu (1) and West Bengal (1) infection has been confirmed.

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