Air India cancels flights at US airports


#NewDelhi: Dissatisfaction has started at American airports for 5G communication. As a result, Air India has canceled its flights (5 G On US Airports) from American airports. For a long time now, various airlines have been expressing their dissatisfaction with the launch of 5G network at the airport. Meanwhile, Air India has said that it is going to reduce its operations in the US on January 19. This is because of the use of 5G network in American airports. Following complaints from various airlines, major US telecom companies have decided to temporarily restrict the use of 5G technology at some airports.

This is not the first time that an airline has stopped operating from a US airport for a 5G network. Air India tweeted about the canceled flight on January 19. They tweeted that they had canceled some flights on January 19 due to problems with the 5G network in the United States. Those flights are – A1101 / 102, DEL / JFK / DEL, AI173 / 174, DEL / SFO / DEL, AI127 / 126, DEL / ORD / DEL, AI191 / 144, BOM / EWR / BOM.

Problems with 5G network

Some American companies have decided to launch 5G network (5G On US Airports) in the US to provide internet services to airport passengers. But the airline industry says the effects could be devastating. The 5G technique can take over the work of the aircraft’s sensitive equipment. According to the airlines, there is no need to bring 5G on the runway. As a result, several US telecom companies have stated that their technology is safe. This technique will not have a detrimental effect on the aircraft. Their secure technique is being used at airports in many other countries. But because of this problem and the complaints of various airlines, they have limited their 5G technique outside a few US airports.

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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said on January 14 that the 5G technique could have an effect on aircraft radio altimeters. This can cause the aircraft’s engine and braking system to get stuck on the way to loading mode. This can cause problems for a plane to land on the runway.

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In addition to India’s Air India, Emirates and Japan’s two largest airlines, All Nippon Airlines and Japan Airlines, have said they will reduce the number of Boeing 8 flights at US airports. According to media reports, British Airlines has decided to change the Boeing Airbase A360 to Los Angeles.

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