Alcohol party is sitting in the hospital! Drunk drunk doctors

#UttarPradesh: What a mess! There is a liquor hall in the hospital. A video has surfaced recently. It is seen that some people have set up a drinking party in a health center (Viral Video). Not only that, old Hindi songs are playing. Everyone is dancing in it.

It is known that the people in this video are the doctors of that health center. They work there. This time they left seeing the patient and started an alcohol (Viral Video) event. Criticism has started to come as soon as this video comes out.

The video shows that not only the doctors but also the other staff of the health center are intoxicated. Forgetting everything, everyone started dancing together. The video is from Uttar Pradesh. Criticism has started after this video (Viral Video) was shared on social media. Many people say that this condition of people is due to Corona. And the doctors forgot all that and got drunk.

After watching the video, many people said that this was the only thing left to watch (Viral Video). Doctors can surely have fun. But they will make the health center a bar! Netizens have criticized this picture or video. Even before that many such videos are actually in front. The insane dance of the doctors after drinking alcohol in this way has not been seen before. People think the doctor is God! But this video will change all ideas. However, the investigation has started as soon as the video came out. Police are investigating why they did it at the health center. Appropriate punishment will also be provided.

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Netizens say Bhagjis had a viral video on social media. Otherwise this nasty video would not have come to the fore. How can a dance and wine party be set up in a health center like this? There are many questions about that. The video has been shared by many people. The greatest trust of man is the doctor. And whether they are drunk in this way in the health center. People all over the net world are booing. Many have demanded strict measures.


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