Amazon Quiz 9 November 2020 Answers: Win Prizes and More

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Amazon Quiz 9 November 2020 Answers: Win Prizes and More

Let us look at today’s answers of Amazon Quiz.

9 November Amazon Quiz Answers

Q1: The Ministry of External Affairs has launched a lecture series named after whom as an introduction to India for foreign diplomats?

Answer 1: Sushma Swaraj

Q2: Succeeding Mustapha Adib, Saad El-Din Hariri has been appointed for the second time as the Prime Minister of which country?

Answer 2: Lebanon

Q3: BepiColombo is an international space mission to which planet?

Answer 3: Mercury

Q4: What is the stick used in this sport called?

Answer 4: Crosse

Q5: In 2014, what technology company named a version of their operating system after the national park featured in this picture?

Answer 5: Apple


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