American battery start-up company gives Indian CEO a pay package like Elon Musk!


#NewDelhi: Indian CEOs are gaining popularity and demand in the international job market. Indians have been appointed CEOs and senior positions of various internationally renowned companies. Recently, such a news has come to the fore again, which is quite startling. An American battery start-up company has given a multi-billion dollar package to their Indian CEO. It is said that this multi-billion dollar package is similar to the pay package of Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla company. The shareholders of US-based Solid-State Battery Startup QuantumScape Corp. have approved this multi-billion dollar package for the company’s top executives.

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According to the agreement of the American Solid State Battery Start-up Company, if the CEO of the company Jagdeep Singh can reach that goal, then he will get শেয়ার 2.3 billion, that is, more than 18 trillion rupees worth of shares. Proxy advisory firm Glass Lewis estimates this. The package was approved by shareholders at a meeting of shareholders of US Solid State Battery start-up QuantumScape Corp. The company has informed that the final tally will be done later.

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The trend of big packages is growing fast

With this package, Diana Harris of Fariant Advisors firm said that such large pay packages are becoming a regular occurrence in fast-moving start-ups, especially after Tesla’s huge success. Such a trend is growing rapidly in the electric car market. Last year, at least 15 corporate leaders were given packages worth about মিল 100 million, or Rs 700 crore or more. In 2016, when Elon Musk received the most expensive pay package, the amount of money in the current pay package is 3 times more than that.

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QuantumScape Corp gets funding from Volkswagen Bill Gates Venture Fund

QuantumScape Corp is an American company that supplies solid state lithium metal batteries for electric vehicles. The company is supported by the Volkswagen Bill Gates Venture Fund. Different types of electric car companies buy solid state lithium metal batteries from them.



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