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#Kolkata: ‘Kakababur Protyaborton’ by Prosenjit Chatterjee, the undisputed king of Tollywood, is about to be released! This is the number three picture of Kakababu franchise! Prosenjit in the seventh heaven of joy before the release of the picture, got a great surprise! Bollywood’s Biggie Amitabh Bachchan himself greeted him!

Amitabh was so impressed by the trailer of ‘Kakababur Protyaborton’ that he himself tweeted the trailer of ‘Kakababur’s Return’ directed by Srijit Mukherjee! This is not the end of the surprise, Amitabh called Prosenjit Bumba! This name is very familiar to Bengalis! Superstar Prosenjit favorite Bumba or Bumbada to relatives! “Banglar Jamai” wrote on Twitter, “Bumba – all good wishes”. Bigby wrote in Bengali.

Bumba, overwhelmed by Amitabh’s tweet, wrote, “Thank you very much sir. Your blessing is our ultimate blessing! ‘ Srijit also replied to Amitabh’s tweet! “We wish you all the best,” he wrote.

The release of the photo has been repeatedly delayed throughout the entire lockdown! The audience was facing, when will Prosenjit-created magic be seen on the screen again? The wait is finally over! On 4th February, the day of Saraswati Pujo, ‘Kakababu’s return’ is taking place. The last time Kakababu was seen on the big screen, he was in the desert. This time he is in the jungles of Africa. The first film in the Kakababu series ‘Egypt Mystery’ was released in 2013, followed by ‘Yeti Abhiyan’ (2016). After three years, this time with the ‘Kakababur Protyaborton’, Srijit-Prosenjit’s ‘Hit-Machine’ appeared.

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The film is based on Sunil Gangopadhyay’s ‘One Hotel in the Jungle’. ‘Return of Kakababu’ will be released not only in Bengali but also in Hindi. The background of the photo is Kenya. Kakababu went to Kenya with Santu. Kakababu received death threats while walking around Nairobi. There, local Indian businessman Ashok Desai invited Kakababu to his hotel in the deep forest of Masai Mara. Kakababu reached there, after that one incident after another happens! Kakababu finds out that two tourists have gone missing from there a few days ago. Kakababu and Santu begin to unravel the mystery, the mystery-thriller script with thorns in the flesh continues to roll!

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However, the competition for ‘Kakababu’ at the box office is huge. Two more pictures may be released on the same day. One of them is ‘Baba Baby O …’ from Windows production. The story of the film is woven with how their father will handle the twin children alone. Directed by Aritra Mukherjee, the film stars Yeshu Sengupta and Sholanki Roy in the lead roles.

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