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#NewDelhi: Covid-19 India facing the third wave. Corona infection is growing rapidly again! People who have flu-like symptoms are more likely to be infected with Covid-19. The amount of corona test has increased due to this apprehensive panic. As a result, the pressure on health workers has increased. To reduce this pressure, rapid test kits have come on the market.

It is very easy to test yourself at home with this test kit (self-testing kit). The use of this kit, which is readily available at the nearest drug store, has reduced the amount of corona tests in the hospital line. But how many people are consciously doing this test at home is a matter of concern.

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The main reason for concern is that all the people who are testing at home and are being positive are not informing the authorities. For this reason, such infections are not being recorded. According to the Times of India, Suresh Kakani, Additional Commissioner, Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), told a news agency, “No information is being recorded from the home testing kit. This is a screening test, not a confirmation test. We don’t know anyone who is using test kits in this home. Even if they get a positive report, if they do not follow the rules of isolation, they will infect their close acquaintances. ”

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Here are some things to keep in mind if you want to test your own corona at home.

Step 1: Make sure the area where the corona is to be tested is properly sanitized.

• Step 2: Clean and sanitize the test kit before opening the packet.

• Step 3: Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and then take things out of the kit and put them in a sanitized place.

Step 4: Read the details of the testing kit and download the required app and enter all the required details in it.

Step 5: After testing Corona, follow the steps given in the mobile app to check if you are infected.

• Step 6: Put the test kit in a special bag and throw it in the dustbin.

If you are Covid-19 positive, then you must stay at home isolation. If there are symptoms, but the test shows a negative result, get an RT-PCR test. To find out more about home testing kits, visit ICMR’s official website.

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