Ayushmann Khurrana: Ayushmann sang for Tahira with a kiss on the cheek! Special birthday gift to wife


#Mumbai: Actor Ayushmann Khurrana gave his wife a completely different gift on her birthday. Writer-director Tahira Kashyap stepped in at 39. The hero has created a collage of many photos of himself and posted it on Instagram. The song ‘Bare Aache Lagte Hai’ is being heard in the background of the video.

Happy Birthday Ayushmann Khurrana writes, Happy Birthday Tahira. This is the first song I sang to you in the winter of 2001. Tahira has not sung anything for you for many days. I will write and sing for you soon. Don’t miss me now. “After that, he gave a love sign. This video touched the hearts of netizens. Many people greeted Tahira.

Tahira and Ayushmann (Ayushmann Khurrana) have been friends since college life. They got married in 2006. After that, their lives have been strained a lot. Tahira has been ill for a long time. Ayushman was by his side at that time. Although Tahira is now perfectly healthy. On the other hand, in the world of happiness, on the one hand, Tahira’s fight, and on the other hand, Ayushman’s fight to become a hero. However, both have been successful in the fight. Whatever happened, they did not give up. Staying next to each other. And so today this couple is singing love song again.

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Although there is a lot of work in Ayushman’s hands now. Ayushman has found a place in Bollywood with his skills. From ‘Vicky Donner’ he has explained that he has written his name in the fight for victory. Many films starring Ayushman are awaiting release in 2022. About a dozen films like ‘Googly’, ‘Shoot the Piano Player’, ‘Action Hero’, ‘Chhoti Si Bat Remake’, ‘Doctor G’, ‘Badhai Ho 2’, ‘Anek’ are waiting to be released. Bollywood’s busiest hero Ayushmann Khurrana Khurana.

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