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UPI App Update: There is important news for the customers making payments through UPI. If you also use apps like PhonePe, Google Pay and Paytm, then now you have to use it carefully. During the Corona period, the cases of fraud and fraud are increasing very fast, so you should be careful while making online payment.

Learn what to share?
Users should only share their phone number, QR code and virtual payment address with anyone else. Apart from this, never share anything else related to your UPI account with anyone.

Do not give Axis to any other app
You should not give access to your UPI account to any payment app or any bank app. Apart from this, keep the password strong so that no one can hack it.

Change PIN from time to time
UPI PIN is the most important, so you should keep changing your PIN from time to time. Apart from this, this pin should not be shared with anyone. If someone gets to know your PIN, change it immediately.

Verify the receiver
Apart from this, while transferring money, identify the person to whom you are giving money, so that the money does not reach any wrong account.

Keep App Updated
Apart from this, it is also important to keep your UPI app updated and whenever you get notification for updating, do not ignore it. Let us tell you that many types of bug fixes and security patches are seen in these updates which make your transaction safe.



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