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#Jaipur: The Investment Summit is going to be held in Rajasthan on January 24-25, 2022. The Roadshows program is now underway for this Investment Summit. Rajasthan has received an offer of around Rs 5 lakh crore in this road-show program. 5 lakh crore investment has been offered to Rajasthan government. The state government thinks they can get more investment offers before the Investment Summit on January 24-25, 2022. This road-show program has been organized with the aim of making the Investment Summit a success.

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Rajasthan Minister Shanti Kumar Dhariwal has said that the Investment Summit is being organized to bring huge investment to Rajasthan. Rajasthan is an ideal place to invest. There are different types of business opportunities in Rajasthan and the environment here is conducive to doing business. Well known companies like Adani, Renew Power, Greenco etc. have already invested in the green energy sector of Rajasthan. More and more types of companies have come forward to invest in Rajasthan. As a result, Rajasthan is ready to make further improvements in the coming days. Rajasthan will move forward quickly with various types of investment and government support.

Before 2022, about 5 lakh crore investment offer in Rajasthan! - News18 Bangla

Among the investments of Rs 5 lakh crore in Rajasthan are Rs 1,94,600 crore in Mumbai, Rs 1,05,000 crore in Gujarat, Rs 6,600 crore in Delhi and Rs 64,312 crore in Bangalore. Rajasthan also signed a bee deal with LOIS at the Dubai Expo worth around Rs 45,000 crore. After the road show in Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chennai did such road show before their investment event. Now the road show program is being held in Rajasthan before the Investment Summit 2022.

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Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said, “Investment Summit 2022 will help Rajasthan improve and move Rajasthan forward. Different types of private sector investment will help enrich different sectors of Rajasthan.” Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has also invited various businesses from West Bengal to participate in the Investment Summit 2022. Dhiraj Srivastava, commissioner of the Rajasthan Foundation, said many workers from Kolkata come to work in Rajasthan, which helps build a strong financial structure in Rajasthan. He said Rajasthan is currently the ideal place to invest.

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