Bengal Bjp: Breakdown ‘coming’, Shantanu Thakur near Naddar! Bengal reshuffle in BJP?


#NewDelhi: On the one hand, there is growing resentment within the BJP. The legislators are leaving the WhatsApp group. Allegations of injustice against Motua leaders have surfaced within the party. On the other hand, Matua leader and Union Minister of State Shantanu Thakur has turned to the central leadership instead of making a decision. In a close discussion, the Union Minister of State said that the party’s all-India president Jagat Prakash Nadda had assured him of reconsideration of the district committee.

Union Minister of State Shantanu Tagore met the party’s all-India president JP Naddar in Delhi on Saturday evening. Shantanu complains to Nadda that the Matua community has a big role to play in getting 6 seats in Bengal in the last assembly elections. Despite this, Matua leaders have been neglected in forming district and regional committees. In many cases leaders have been removed. In this context, he mentioned the names of five MLAs and did not express his dissatisfaction. These 5 MLAs are Asim Sarkar, Ambika Roy, Subrata Tagore, Mukutmani Adhikari and Ashok Kirtaniya.

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Nadda has called for a report on the whole matter to the state committee and assured that the committee will be reshuffled if necessary. It is to be noted that the state committee of BJP has been newly formed. Asim Sarkar, Ambika Roy, Subrata Tagore, Mukutmani Adhikari and Ashok Kirtaniya have left the BJP MLAs’ official WhatsApp group alleging that Matua was not represented in the committee.

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And this incident has caused a stir in the political circles of the state at Christmas. Realizing the opportunity, former Union Minister Babul Supriya, who went to the grassroots from BJP, threw an arrow of sarcasm. Babul wrote on Twitter, “BJP is losing wickets one after another It seems like five more are gone today I heard Shivbabu went to Kailash after hearing everything The only reliable institution to find the real Bengali crabs – Muralidhar Lane.

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