Bengal BJP: Vote-collapse or state committee’s ‘wound’, Dilip-Sukant’s Delhi tour


#NewDelhi: A day after the announcement of the results of the Kolkata municipal elections, the state BJP (Bengal BJP) leaders were called to Delhi. The central leadership will discuss the results of the Kolkata municipal elections and the party’s performance with Dilip Ghosh and Sukant Majumdar. The meeting started at 10 am. Central leaders like General Secretary Sanghtan BL Santosh and Shiv Prakash are present at the meeting.

The BJP has completely collapsed in the Kolkata polls. That is why a meeting has been called today with the party’s state president Sukant Majumder, all-India vice-president Dilip Ghosh and state general secretary Amitabh Chakraborty. Meanwhile, the BJP has formed a new state committee.

The BJP has also lagged behind the Left in the Kolkata polls. Although the Gerua camp claims that the BJP’s main opposition party is the Trinamool. Where the Left got 12% of the vote, the BJP got only 9%. All these issues are going to come up in today’s meeting.

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After the Ekushey vote, the state organization is at the bottom. They are pointing fingers at each other with the fruit. As a result, the factional quarrels of the party escalated. Even after the results of the Kolkata Municipality polls, questions arose within the party about the election of candidates and the organization. The BJP has emerged as the closest rival to the Trinamool Congress in the minority-dominated areas of the city. The BJP contested the by-elections in 142 wards. Two BJP candidates withdrew their nominations. They have won in 3 wards. Candidates of Padma Shibir have been defeated in the remaining 139 wards. In 118 wards, BJP candidates have lost their deposits, which is 61 percent.

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The Congress has emerged second in four of the 16 assembly constituencies in the Kolkata sub-district. They are number two in Beleghata, Chowrangi, Baliganj and Metiaburuj. However, the BJP came second in these four seats in the last assembly elections. In addition to being second in four seats, Congress is in third place in Jorasanko and Antalya. They are in fourth place in the remaining 11 assembly constituencies in Kolkata.

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