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#Kolkata: Coronavirus, Lockdown, Sickness, Panic, Uncertainty … The whole world has been going through a turbulent period for the last 2 years! The deadly virus came and turned everything upside down in an instant! Exhaustion does not leave anything behind! So Tollywood’s great ‘Dev’ has come up with ‘Tonic Bengali Film’ to stay well in this time of bad mood! Dev-Paran Bandyopadhyay starrer ‘Tonic’ will be released in theaters tomorrow! In a word, the medicine to make the mind better! And the biggest news, this movie was promoted by Tollywood heroine Shubhshree Gangopadhyay! Dev-Subhashree in promoting the image of forgetting all the bitterness of the past, Dev-Subhashree’s fans are also happy in this event! Admittedly, there is a tonic in ‘Tonic’ that puts all the bad things aside and stays good! The film is produced by Atanu Ray Chaudhuri and directed by Avijit Sen. Dev and Paran Bandyopadhyay are the main characters in ‘Tonic Bengali Film’. Shakuntala Barua, Tanushree Chakraborty, Sujan Mukherjee, Kaninika Bandyopadhyay will also be seen.

On social media, the star of ‘Paran Yaay Jwalia Re’ said, ” December 24 is a tonic for everyone, big or small. Directed by Abhijit Da, my very favorite, so many greetings from me. If there is only one request for everyone, come and watch the movie. “

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Dev-Subhashree was first seen together in the movie ‘Challenge’ in 2009! As the film was a mercurial hit at the box office, the audience also gave 100 out of 100 to the Dev-Shubhshree duo! One by one this pair has rocked the superduper hit movies like ‘Paran Yay Jwalia Re’, ‘Romeo’, ‘Khokababu’! At that time, it could be heard in the alleys of the industry, love is growing in Dev Shubhshree! Although none of the two stars have opened their mouths about this! They have always called each other ‘good friends’.

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It is heard that once upon a time there was a bitterness between the two! But he is past! At present, Raj’s wife is Shubhshree. Their happy family with son Yuvan. On the other hand, Deb and Rukmini’s friendship is also sweet! Although there is no end to the speculations about their friendship, none of the stars have opened their mouths about it!

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