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#Kolkata: Aparajita Adhy is one of the coolest actresses of Tollywood! She did so much effortlessly that she would think 10 times to make five more first-rate actresses! This is how he started dancing with ‘Ramta Yogi’ in public on the street! He also posted a video of the dance on social media! Aparajita has lost a lot of weight through strict dieting and workout! She is now ‘slim and trim’, so not sari or kurta-salwar, Aparajita was seen in black tight jeans, high-necked sweater and seaming shrug!

On December 15, Aparajita Adhy crossed Ooty! Chutiye is enjoying the holiday! Giving daily updates on social media, also posted some great pictures yesterday, shared dance videos today!

Watch the dance of invincibility–

No, not the hotel room, Aparajita started dancing in public, in a garden in Ooty! The video of Aparajita’s tumultuous dance with ‘Ramata Yogi’ from the movie ‘Tal’ in the backdrop of the green decorated garden did not take long to go viral! In the caption, he writes, “Sometimes something can be done without any preparation, nature inspires you!”

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Subhash Ghai’s hugely popular film ‘Taal’ was not only critically acclaimed, but also a super-duper hit at the box office! Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was captured in a uniquely beautiful avatar! Every song in the film to the tune of AR Rahman is still on the list of favorites of Assam-Himachal. The audience appreciated Ash’s dance to the song ‘Ramata Yogi’! This time Aparajita stepped on Aishwarya’s shoes.

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Aparajita Adhy lost to her father-in-law in June this year. The actress herself shared this bad news on social media. He wrote, “My father-in-law left us today and left for the land of no return. There is no one left to call me father anymore. Lakshi Pujo is famous in the house of the actress! But this year there was no media camera flash, no crowd of guests! Absolutely homely worship of the target in the morning favorite ‘Apa’!

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