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#Kolkata: Actress Indrani Haldar is shining in Rani color dress on the stage full of lights! The front seat is overflowing with crowds! The demand of the once trembling heroine is still not less, it is understood from the excitement of the audience! Indrani Haldar is answering various questions of the audience, Dedar is also having fun! Sudden disaster! When asked to sing Rabindra Sangeet, Indrani Haldar sang ‘Dhan Dhanya Puspe Bhara’ written by Dwijendra Lal Roy! What a mess!

Recently, a video of an event of Indrani Haldar went viral on Facebook, which is the peak of the practice at the moment! The video shows the actress on stage, one of the viewers is eager to listen to her songs! Indrani’s eyes replied, “Do I think Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle, Bratati Bandyopadhyay?” I am an actress, not a singer ”! After that, Indrani called the audience on the stage, jokes went on for a long time! After that Indrani said, she will sing and sing Rabindra Sangeet very well! Busy! Here is the danger! Dwijendra Lal Roy’s song ‘Dhan Dhanya Puspe Bhara’ was sung as Rabindra Sangeet! Indrani Haldar’s fame did not take time to go viral! Netizens have made a roll of laughter in the net world! Criticism is going on, frogs!

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There is a lot of buzz in Tollygunge, ‘Srimayi’ is returning to the big screen once again this year. On December 24, production company SVF announced their upcoming film ‘Kooler Achar’. It is heard that Indrani will be seen in the role of mother-in-law in this film. The photo shoot will start in February. There is more work to be done! Indrani will start work on Mainak Bhowmik’s next film after finishing the shooting of ‘Cooler Achar’. The name that has been fixed so far is ‘Chutki’. The screenplay of the film will revolve around Indrani. It is heard that Indrani is the ‘escape’ in the film. A young woman will come to rent her mother’s house. Chutki will form a friendship with him of unequal age. Madhumita Sarkar will play the role of this young lady.

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