Best time to buy a house, property prices expected to jump up to 30% Best time to buy a house, property prices expected to jump up to 30%


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  • Increase in the price of building materials increased the pressure on the builder
  • After Coron, there was a big jump in the price of cement to steel
  • There has been a marginal increase in property prices since demonetisation.

New Delhi. Buying a house is the big dream of everyone’s life. If you have not fulfilled this dream yet, do not delay now. Property prices that have been fixed for the past several years are expected to see a big jump this year. A survey report by CREDAI, the national organization of real estate companies, has said that property prices can jump by up to 30% this year. Delaying in this case can be a loss-making deal. Simply put, the present era is the best time to buy a house.

Compulsion to increase price due to increase in construction cost

According to the survey report, builders say that due to the increase in the cost of materials used in building construction, it has become necessary for them to increase the property price. CREDAI Western UP Secretary Subodh Goyal told India TV that cement and steel makers have hiked prices substantially. He said that after the second wave of Corona, due to the sudden increase in the prices of the materials used in the construction of buildings, it is becoming difficult day by day to make affordable projects in the real estate sector. There itself, Suresh Garg, CMD, Nirala World Said that in the last two years, there has been a record increase in the prices of steel, cement, copper, PVC. Aluminum has hit a decade’s level and the fuel price has also pushed up costs. This has increased the cost of building a house significantly. To compensate for this, it is now a compulsion to increase the price.

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The effect of inflation on property is yet to come

Rakesh Yadav, CMD, Antriksh India Group Said that after the corona epidemic, inflation is on an uneven basis. Due to this the prices of all the essential commodities have increased significantly. However, the prices of the houses have not been hiked yet, despite the increase in the construction cost. This is an opportunity for home buyers. Perhaps such an opportunity will not come for the next 10 years. Home buyers can easily fulfill their dream home by availing affordable home loans. At the same time, after Corona, the demand for houses increased rapidly but the supply is not as per that. Due to this, there will be less good options in the coming time. Despite having money, good property will not be available in the market.

Keep these things in mind before investing

  1. डेवलपर के बारे में जांच करें
  2. साइट का दौरा जरूरी करें 
  3. प्रोजेक्ट का लोकेशन और फ्लैट को जरूर देंखे 
  4. कीमत को लेकर हर तरीके रिसर्च करें 
  5. बजट का हमेशा ख्याल रखें
  6. जल्दबाजी में कोई भी फैसला न लें 



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