Bharti Singh: India’s ‘first pregnant performer’ will change the mindset of all mothers in the country


#Mumbai: Actress and comedian Bharti Singh proudly identifies herself as ‘India’s first pregnant anchor’ and says, “I will change everyone’s attitude.” Recently Bharati shared the news of pregnancy. She is currently hosting a talent show, Hunarbaaz, while she is pregnant. Its shooting is also going on. Interestingly, she claims to be India’s first ‘pregnant anchor’.

In the latest video shared by the channel, Bharati openly discusses her experience and achievements of shooting during her pregnancy. He further added that his family members, especially his mother, were worried and anxious about the shooting. Bharati further said that while shooting for Hunarbaaz, he had to listen to warnings instead of greetings. But when it comes to hosting shows during pregnancy, Bharati says she wants to change the way girls think about working during pregnancy. In his words, “I will change everyone’s thinking. I will be the first pregnant woman in India. “

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In the same video, Bharati’s husband Harsh Limbachiyaa was worried about shooting his wife. However, Harsh assured Bharati that everything would be fine in the end. As seen in the video, Bharati caresses her baby bump and says, “Mom will work, earn money.” Later, he joked, “The producers of the show are actually working with three people (Bharati, Harsh and their children), but only paying two.”

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The video is already being shared on their social media account through the channel, promoting, “India’s first pregnant anchor on the stage of Hunarbaz! Bharati will change the thinking of the people of the country. In an exclusive interview, Bharati expressed her desire to work up to 9 months of her pregnancy. Sharing her opinion, she said, “I am happy that I am working during my pregnancy. I want to work up to 9 months of my pregnancy. My child can feel my broken bones too. ” “I think our children will grow up to be just as hardworking as we are,” he said.

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