Big disclosure of Delhi Police terrorist organization Hamas withdrew 30 lakh rupees from a person cryptocurrency account


Delhi Police is investigating - India TV Hindi
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Delhi Police is investigating

In the year 2019, money was transferred from the cryptocurrency account of a person from Delhi to another cryptocurrency wallet. In the investigation of the Special Cell’s IFSO unit, it has come to light that the money of the victim was fraudulently transferred to the cryptocurrency wallet of the terrorist organization Hamas.

Actually, Delhi Police has made a big disclosure in the case of a person transferring all the money from the wallet of one cryptocurrency account to another cryptocurrency wallet. Following the court’s order, Delhi Police had registered an FIR in the year 2019 in which a person had complained that someone from his crypto currency wallet fraudulently transferred an amount of about 30 lakhs of cryptocurrency to the wallet of his cryptocurrency account. .

Actually, this whole matter is related to hacking, that is why the investigation of this entire matter was given to the IFSO unit of the Special Cell. When the IFSO unit of Delhi Police started investigating this entire matter, the senses of Delhi Police were blown away. In fact, the amount transferred from the victim’s cryptocurrency wallet to the wallet of another cryptocurrency account, that cryptocurrency wallet was being operated by Alkasim Briggs.

Alkasim Brigades is the military wing of the terrorist organization Hamas. Violet, the cryptocurrency wallet to which the victim’s money was transferred, was seized by Israel’s National Bureau for Counter Terror Financing. The account that Israel seized was related to Mohamed Nasser Ibrahim Abdullah. According to the Delhi Police, money from many private cryptocurrency wallets used to reach this cryptocurrency wallet of the terrorist organization Hamas. And when the money used to get into the crypto currency wallet of the military wing of Hamas, then this money was used by the terrorist organization Hamas.

3 million bitcoins that were transferred from the wallet of the victim’s cryptocurrency account to the wallet of the military wing of Hamas, the value of those bitcoins is around 40 million today.



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