Bigg boss 15 | Rakhi Sawant: Rakhis husband Ritesh Singh is actually a man from Bihar who is still married Bigg boss 15

#Mumbai: Rakhi Sawant has revealed her husband’s identity in Bigg Boss 15. This person named Ritesh is a software engineer by profession. He introduced himself as living in Belgium. But is Riteish Rakhi’s husband really? This question is coming up again and again. Many have even expressed doubts about whether Ritesh Singh really lives abroad. And the reason for so many questions is that he recently shared a picture of Ritesh with his ex-wife Snigdha. They also have children in the film.

In a media interview, Snigdha claimed that Rakhi Sawant, who claims to be her husband, is actually her groom. They have an 8-year-old daughter. – Not Tesh Singh. Original or Ritesh Kumar. Snigdha also said that Ritesh was often jealous as a husband. Snigdha also accused Ritesh of domestic violence.

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Snigdha said, Ritesh is a resident of Bihar. Rakhi Sawant’s self-proclaimed husband married Snigdha on December 1, 2014. After that they moved to Chennai in March 2015. In December of that year, Snigdha gave birth to a baby girl. Snigdha says, “In these seven years, we’ve only been together for two and a half years. It was like a fiery test.”

Snigdha claims that on March 17, 2016, Ritesh’s mother and sister came to see him. At that time, Ritesh hit Snigdha with a belt for four hours straight. The condition was so bad that Snigdha had to be hospitalized. After that, Snigdha went to her parents from the hospital. In the wake of this incident, he accused Ritesh of domestic violence. Along with Ritesh, he also lodged a complaint against his sister and mother.

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After that Ritesh came to reconnect with Snigdha again. Promised never to do that again. But Ritesh was in a good way for only two months. Two months later, Ritesh continued to behave as before. After that, Ritesh and Snigdha left home in October 2016 and blocked the number. Then Ritesh was emailed by Snigdha. They said their child wanted to see him. Ritesh wanted to divorce but Snigdha did not agree. And so Snigdha is really reluctant to admit that she is married to Riteish Rakhi (Rakhi Sawant). The ex-wife also does not believe that she is a resident of Belgium.


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