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#NewDelhi: The effects of the Black Fungus increased after the second wave of corona between April and May 2021. As a result, almost everyone is terrified. Many have been infected with the black fungus after being infected with the coronavirus. Black fungus affects many eyes and various parts of the body. Black fungus kills many. Meanwhile, the third wave of Corona’s new variant Omicron has arrived in India. This has again created panic in the minds of everyone.

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Black fungus is actually a disease that is not caused by any virus or bacteria. The real cause of black fungus disease is a special type of fungus. Black fungus is a type of infection that is very harmful. Black fungus causes various problems in the human body. Black fungus causes various symptoms like burning sensation in the eyes, blackening of the face, eyes and different parts of the body, feeling of headache, feeling of pain in the mouth etc.

Fear of Black Fungus –

Black fungus can cause blindness and damage to various parts of the body. Black fungus can cause death. People with high blood sugar levels and those who have been taking steroids for a long time have the highest risk of developing black fungus. People with weakened immune systems and those who have had organ transplants are also at risk of contracting black fungus.

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Currently, the effects of the black fungus have not been noticed much due to the effect of the new variant of Corona Omicron. But can the black fungus have the same effect as last year? Experts say that the greatest fear of black fungus is that all patients are hospitalized for a long time. Also, patients who have been taking steroids continuously for a long time are more likely to be infected with the black fungus. But for the Omicron variant, the chances of getting black fungus are very low.

Mild and moderate symptoms are seen in patients under the influence of a new variant of Corona Omicron. As a result, those patients are not given large amounts of steroids. As a result, those patients are less likely to get black fungus.

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