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#NewDelhi: The story begins last year. Rakul Preet Singh and producer Jackky Bhagnani made their relationship official on Instagram. Posting, they love each other and they are about. Since then, the celeb couple has caught everyone’s eye. In an interview recently, the actress (Rakul Preet Singh) said that there is no pride in hiding a relationship. The relationship needs to be accepted and brought to the forefront.

The couple has been buzzing since the announcement of the relationship. He is keeping an eye on his career and relationships. Everyone from journalists to netizens keep an eye on their social media handles. Going to restaurants, going to parties together, they do not forget to comment on each other’s pictures on social media. And both are quite active on social media.

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Yesterday the actress (Rakul Preet Singh) posted a picture of herself on the social media handle, writing, a great pose while sitting. Which many people love. Many people praised and commented on this photo. Meanwhile, his special friend Jackie’s comment caught my eye. Besides reacting to love, he also commented on his girlfriend’s picture, “Oh my my …

bold photos boyfriend Jackky Bhagnani gave a heartfelt comment | What did Jackie write without being able to control the tension? - News18 Bangla

As soon as Jackie’s comment came, netizens started making fun of him. Lots of funny comments. Many people also react to this comment. Some write, flirting is going on, some write, Jackie is lucky to have such a girlfriend.

Rakul and Jackie’s relationship

Rakul and Zaki brought up their relationship in October last year. Jackie also wished Rakul a happy 31st birthday by sharing a cute photo. The caption reads, “Days don’t go by without you, good food is not fun, happy birthday”. Rakul also did not lack in this case. Wishes Jackie a great post on his birthday. Write, “Happy Birthday my Sunshine, keep smiling like this and keep spreading it among everyone. You know, I pray you get what you want in life.”

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They practice a lot with this chemistry. However, Rakul has recently said in words that he does not want people to talk too much about their relationship even if everyone knows about it. He says it’s part of his life. He wants his work to be discussed. He doesn’t like to make headlines about relationships.

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