Breakup in the family of Sri Krishna in the Mahabharata


#Mumbai: BR Chopra’s ‘Mahabharat’ (Nitish Bharadwaj Divorce). It is difficult to find people who have not seen ‘Mahabharata’ in the 9’s. The ‘Mahabharat’ was broadcast on the national channel one day a week. Nitish Bharadwaj became Krishna of Mahabharata by the hand of BR Chopra. After that many times a series about Sri Krishna has been made on TV. But no one could take the place of Nitish Bharadwaj. Sri Krishna means only one face floating in everyone’s eyes. And he is Nitish Bharadwaj. But today that Krishna’s world is broken.

Shri Krishna Nitish (Nitish Bharadwaj Divorce) was living happily with his wife Smita for 12 years. But this time the tune of separation is ringing about their long marriage. Nitish and Smita started living separately from 2019. Disagreements between them escalated to such an extent that this time the issue of separation has been taken to court. Nitish wants to break up his marriage and come out. The actor has filed for divorce.

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In a recent interview, Nitish Bharadwaj Divorce said, “I have always relied on marriage. I had strong faith in this relationship. But not everyone is destined to be equal. My marriage is not fortunate. I will never tell that to the media. I have filed for divorce in the court of law. We have been separated since 2019. My twin daughters are living with their mother now. But I want to keep the girls to myself. “

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Nitish Bharadwaj Divorce added: “I knew our relationship would never break up. But who knows what might happen next. But I understand that divorce is more painful than death.” Actor Nitish Bharadwaj is quite disappointed with his natural divorce. However, the outcome of their relationship will be right in the court this time. The actor did not open his mouth about the reason why he is seeking divorce from his wife.

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