Bumbada is Hungry, acclaimed in the viral video world

#Kolkata: Prosenjit Chatterjee. He is the superstar of Tollywood. He has acted in all the films alone for two to three decades. He is everyone’s favorite Bumbada in Tollywood. Whether it is Rituparna Sengupta, Debashree Roy or today’s Koel. He is compatible with everyone. Be it Juhi Chawla of Bollywood or Farha, he is the hero of all. One picture after another. Superhit.

However, director Rituparno Sengupta changed Prosenjit Chatterjee’s performance. It’s not that he just swears and swears and swears and swears and swears and swears and swears. He is the best in acting skills. However, Prosenjit’s Bengali films of the 90’s are often ridiculed. Sometimes it is seen that someone comes to Mir’s comedy show and imitates Bumbadar’s dialogue. Sometimes someone goes to the composition show and shows Bumbada as an exact copy. However, seeing all this, Prosenjit himself got great fun. However, he was never seen saying anything about his performance during this period. Because at that time people liked the performance of that sharp spot more.

However, with the passage of time, the mood of cinema and acting has changed. Prosenjit Chatterjee has also changed himself in many ways over and over again. And this is where he succeeds and stands out from the crowd. A few days ago, Bumbada had a problem. There are guests sitting in the house. He has ordered food online. But after a long time, the food service company informed that they will not be able to deliver. Wherever he goes, Prosenjit complains on Twitter by tagging straight people. Then apologized, something happened from the meme share on Twitter.

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Now Prosenjit Chatterjee) Prosenjit has shot a funny ad about this thing that happened in his life. An advertisement for a biscuit, cake making company. Christmas is ahead. Everybody eats cake these days. But again the cake did not come to Bumbadar. What will happen next? “Mom, I didn’t get the cake, Mom, believe me it hasn’t been delivered yet, Mom, it hasn’t been delivered yet.” He got angry as he spoke. “Bumbada is Hungry.” Bumbada did not get the cake. In the midst of all this, the bell rang and lots of cakes fell on him. This is advertising. But the funny thing is, Prosenjit has made the whole thing very funny. He imitated his own 90’s acting. And you can make fun of yourself by not getting delivery. It’s hard to believe without seeing this ad. This ad is trending again on Twitter, Facebook.


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