Bumper sales of expensive cars continue in India, 62 percent more cars sold in Porsche India 2021


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Do you know how many cars Porsche sells in a year?


  • After BMW, Lamborghini, now Germany’s luxury sports car company Porsche India also surprised
  • Porsche’s total sales up 62 percent to 474 units in 2021
  • SUV ‘Macan’ has the highest share of 39 percent in the company’s total sales

Mumbai. The sale of expensive cars is increasing continuously in India. After BMW, Lamborghini, now Germany’s luxury sports car company Porsche India has also presented shocking figures. Porsche’s total sales during the year 2021 increased by 62 percent to 474 units.

The SUV ‘Macan’ accounted for the largest 39 percent share of the company’s total sales. Porsche India said in a statement on Thursday that it expects an increase in sales momentum during the year 2022 as well, amid strong orders and further expansion of its product range.

The company said, “We have sold a total of 474 vehicles during the year 2021. This is the company’s highest sales figure since 2014. The company’s sales have increased by 62 percent as compared to the year 2020.” Apart from this, the order number of Porsche India also increased by 165 percent. The company has received the highest number of orders in the year 2021.

BMW achieved 34% growth

German luxury car maker BMW reported a 34 per cent increase in sales in India to 8,876 units in 2021. The company’s sales have grown the most in the last decade. The company sold 8,236 BMW units and 640 MINI units last year. Apart from this, BMW Motorrad sold 5,191 motorcycles during this period. The vehicle maker had sold 6,604 units including all vehicles during the year 2020.

Vikram Pawah, President, BMW Group India said, “BMW Group India continues to have a strong performance across all three of its brands, BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad. There has been significant growth in sales.”

Brother Lamborghini to Indians

Italy’s super sports car company Lamborghini has had a very good last year in India. The company sells super luxury cars in India. Their price starts from Rs 3.16 crores. According to the company, it has given its best performance in the Indian market in 2021. The company sold 52 cars in India in 2019, which is its record so far. While the company has not announced its full sales figures for 2021 in the Indian market, its performance globally has improved significantly. Globally, the company’s sales grew 23 per cent to 6,902 units in 2021. Compared to 2019 too, the company’s global sales grew by six percent in 2021.

Sharad Agarwal, Head, Lamborghini India said, “This has been our sales trend in India as well. Our order book is quite good because of our efforts. Due to this, the beginning of 2022 is also going to be good for us.

Audi sales double

German luxury car maker Audi’s retail sales in India doubled to 3,293 units in 2021. The company said that in the year 2020, it had sold 1,639 cars. According to Audi India, the increase in sales of the petrol-powered Q range of vehicles with the electric cars e-tron 50, e-tron 55, e-tron Sportback 55, e-tron GT, RS e-tron GT and A-sedan is expected to increase It has increased. Apart from this, SUVs Q2, Q5 and Q8 along with A4 and A6 models remained the best selling vehicles of the company. The same Audi RS and S continue to have strong demand in 2022 as well.

Balbir Singh Dhillon, President, Audi India, said, “We are extremely pleased with our performance in 2021, despite the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic and other global constraints such as component, commodity prices, freight challenges.



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