Cash Advance Complaints

  • AKASH SANGOLARU: Loan ID – TAXMoF2C. I’m getting call and text from you’re agent that i have a active loan and I need to pay that loan… But i have not taken any loan from past 2 months…My name is Akash H N. I was using you’re application called “CASH ADVANCE” 2 months ago. Today 28/06/2022 I got call from you agent asking me to pay a overdue loan. They touched me so much I have to pay them amount which I never got. They told me that “loan note number” “TAXMoF2C” is still showing pending but when I searched that number in my application, i didn’t find any loan number that matches..Although I have paid that amount 3796 rs. Please find out what happened and let me know. If it you’re side of mistake, please refund the amount that i paid 3796. I’ll send you pics of my application dash board and the bill that i paid today.

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