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#NewDelhi: This time, the Narendra Modi government is going to bring an amendment bill in the Indian Penal Code (IPC), CRPC and Evidence Act. However, Union Home Minister Amit Shah is sending letters to MPs from various political parties seeking their views on how the laws can be amended.

Earlier, the central government wanted to adopt a “slow down” policy on education from the Agriculture Act and the Child Marriage Amendment Act. In the letter, the Union Home Minister said, “In seven decades of Indian democracy, the criminal law, especially the Indian Penal Code, 1980, CRPC 1973 and the Evidence Act 182 need to be extensively amended.

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According to sources, letters are also being sent to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and High Court, the Chief Minister of the state, the administrators of the Union Territories, various bar councils and law universities. Experts associated with all these fields have been asked to come up with proposals for amendments.

The letter further stated, “This law needs to be amended to build a people-based legal framework.” According to the Union Home Minister, the role of MPs is very important to amend the law. In the letter, he wrote, “The proposals received from the MPs are invaluable in amending the criminal law.”

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The Congress, Trinamool Congress and Shiv Sena have not yet received the letter. Opposition lawmakers, however, said they would respond after receiving the letter. Their fear is that in the name of building a people-based amendment, the Center should not bring this amendment for its own benefit.

Opposition groups called for a referendum on the issue, but said that maintaining some independence was important. Regarding Amit Shah’s letter, veteran Congress MP Pradeep Bhattacharya said, “I have not received any letter. We need to see first what the central government wants to do. However, if they amend the IPC and CRPC laws for their own benefit, we will never support it.”

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