Central Board Of Secondary Education Gave Instructions To The Center Superintendents For Following These Rules Strictly

New Delhi: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has issued a notification, in which instructions have been given to the center superintendents for the remaining examinations of class 12.

Through this notification, the board has informed about the detailed instructions for the remaining examinations and has asked for strict compliance of its instructions by the center superintendents during the remaining examinations of class 12 from December 16 to December 30.

In the notification, the Board (Board) has said that the affiliated schools will first receive password mails (Mail) from the board. Operational code will be sent to schools by CBSE at 10.45 am. The board further said that superintendents should ensure that all appearing students enter the examination hall by 10:45 am, which is the last admission time.

The Board has given instructions (Instruction) to thoroughly search the students who arrive late at the examination center. Schools should ensure that the question papers are printed (Printed) within the stipulated period and make arrangements for their printing. In case of delay in commencement of the examination, students should be given additional time equal to the time lost.

The practice of evaluation of question papers in the examination centers on the same day will stop from 16 December 2021. The center superintendent (Center Superintendent) and the observer will sign the sealed parcel and also mention the time of packing (Packing). A receipt will also be uploaded as per the procedure.

The center superintendent will be responsible for conducting the examination smoothly and fairly. If there is any deviation from the safety and security of the examination CBSE will be liable to take action against the center superintendent and the school as per its Affiliation and Examination Bye-Laws of the Board.

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