Chand Nawab: Bahari camel riding on the back of the sand storm forecast, the speed of the storm viral journalist


Karachi: Pakistani journalist Chand Nawab is popular for his wonderful reporting. Recently, Chand Nawab (Pakistani reporter) has become the subject of everyone’s practice again. Because a video of Chand Nawab has gone viral on social media again. In that viral video, journalist Chand Nawab is reporting standing in the wind. The video of Chand Nawab’s reporting has also gone viral.

Chand Nawab is a very popular journalist in Pakistan as well as in India. The video, which went viral, was shot by Chand Nawab in Karachi, Pakistan. There it is seen that Chand Nawab sitting on the back of a camel is predicting a dust storm. Before the dust storm, the moon Nawab is presenting his reporting in a strange way in the stormy wind. The video of Chand Nawab’s reporting has gone viral on social media.

In the storm, Chand Nawab is giving different kinds of advice to different types of people. Chand Nawab tells them that the weather in Karachi is very nice and cool now. Cold winds are blowing, so people from other cities may come there during the storm. The hair on my head is flying, the dust is leaving my face, I can’t even open my eyes. So thin and thin people should not go to the beach. Because they can fly because of the wind.

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Journalist Nayla Enayet shared the viral video of Chand Nawab on Twitter. Everyone had a lot of fun watching that video and sharing that video on a massive scale. Many people have commented on the viral video. One commented that Superman Chand Nawab is back. Another wrote that Chand Nawab has no answer!

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Chand Nawab gained popularity after the release of Bajrangi Bhaijaan. There was a character based on him in Salman Khan’s super hit movie 7 The role of Chand Nawab was played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui. From then on, everyone knew about Pakistani journalist Chand Nawab.

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