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#NewDelhi : The voting instrument has sounded. Uttar Pradesh flood of voting promises began! Uttar Pradesh Election | Congress Therefore, the Congress issued a separate manifesto. Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi released the ‘Youth Manifesto’ at the party headquarters in Delhi on Friday. They said that the Congress was giving priority to the employment of the youth of the state. They demanded that the work of showing the direction of new India should start from Uttar Pradesh.

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Vote in Uttar Pradesh (Uttar Pradesh Election | Congress) next month. The statement of the Congress, religious polarization, not caste, let the fight be on the issue of development, on the issue of employment. The manifesto is called the ‘Congress Manifesto’. The Congress claims that the admission provision has a solution to all the problems of the youth of Uttar Pradesh. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said 1.8 million people have lost their jobs in the last five years. But the promise was 20 million jobs per year. The Congress claimed that they had visited different parts of Uttar Pradesh (Uttar Pradesh Election | Congress) to prepare the manifesto and talked to the people. Employment is the biggest problem in that state. Therefore, if the Congress government comes to power, it will give importance to the employment of the youth.

The Congress Manifesto states that no fee will be charged for competitive examinations if Congress comes to power. On the contrary, the examinees do not have to pay any fare on the bus-train. Job calendar will be created. The Congress wants to show how the way of earning will be created. Transparent elections in colleges and universities have been mentioned in the manifesto (Congress).

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Priyanka Gandhi said that if the Congress comes to power, it will fill the vacancies of 1.5 lakh primary teachers in Uttar Pradesh. Employment opportunities will be created for the youth. In Uttar Pradesh, there are 36,000 vacancies for secondary teachers and 6,000 vacancies for college and university teachers. Doctors, Anganwari and Asha workers will be recruited from the police. Sanskrit and Urdu teachers will also be appointed. When it comes to power, the Congress will focus on eliminating non-appointment for a long time and opacity in the recruitment process. Responding to a question about the post-vote alliance in the formation of the government, Priyanka said that if such a situation arises after the vote, then the Congress will support all the parties which are in line with their party policy.

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