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New Delhi. Not only in the world but also in India, Corona is once again spreading its feet through the new variant Omicron. Apart from the regular daily corona cases, the total number of patients infected with Omicron has increased to 358 on Friday. Due to this variant spreading many times faster than the Delta variant, now a new wave is also being feared. However, a strange coincidence has been seen in India regarding the danger of corona. If this coincidence or trend continues, then the new year 2022 may start in the country while battling Corona. According to this, the first month of the year, January, can be quite dangerous.

If we analyze the data released by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Central Government, the daily cases, the changes in new variants of corona and the estimates of health experts and scientists, then it is clear that in the year 2020 in India. Every 9th month of Corona starting with is more dangerous. The figures so far show that for the last two years in a year, corona is at its peak every 9th month. In such a situation, it is natural to worry about the coming ninth month.

In the last years, it was a coincidence that the corona increased in the 9th month
Corona started in India in January 2020. After the first case on January 30, Kovid continued to grow slowly. However, India saw the peak of this epidemic in the form of the first wave of corona in the ninth month from January to September 2020. In the recent data given by the central government, it was told that the first wave was the most frightening in the month of September. After that the situation improved a bit.

After this, in the 9th month i.e. May 2021, exactly from September 2020, India saw the second horrific wave of Corona. Corona killed thousands of people in May 2021 after the cases of corona started increasing from February-March 2021. This was the worst phase of Corona. It is interesting that after September 2020, May 2021 was also the ninth month.

After May 2021, the cases of the second wave of corona gradually decreased, although they did not end. Now once again Omicron, the new variant of Corona that has appeared in the world since November, has created concern. In such a situation, if we talk about coincidence and if we count the ninth month after May, then it sits in January 2022. Accordingly, the danger of corona may arise in the first month of the new year in January 2022 and the cases of corona may increase.

Although this month is yet to come, but if we pay attention to the advice and warnings of experts, then most of the health experts believe that the cases of corona and omicron may increase rapidly in January 2022. At the same time, the peak time of Corona can be in late January or early February. Therefore, after May 2021, January 2022 is also happening as the ninth month.

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