Covishield disabled, coronavirus new variant works on Omicron only ‘these’ two vaccine-research claims

#Kolkata: With the new coronavirus new variant omicron, fears are starting to surface. The number of this species of coronavirus is also increasing rapidly in India It has already crossed the 150-mark Now what is Omicron (Omicron) panic! The results of the research have increased the fear mercury It is known that most corona vaccines are not effective against Omicron. Even if you can’t stop Omicron, its level will be less

Research is underway in different countries on the effectiveness of current corona vaccines According to the initial trend of research, booster dose should be taken to avoid coronavirus new variant omicron. However, those taking the Corona Vaccine in the United States with Pfizer and Modern Booster doses are less likely to be infected with Omicron. Meanwhile, it is not possible to get this vaccine (Corona Vaccine) very much in all the countries of the world In addition, the Astrojeneca, Johnson & Johnson and Russian vaccines have failed to contain new variants of the corona, the Omicron. As a result, it will not be possible to prevent coronavirus

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According to the New York Times, most corona vaccines have not yet been shown to be effective against omicron based on laboratory research. The Pfizer and Modern vaccines have been developed using the new mRNA method These two vaccines still provide effective protection against each new variant of the corona It is used in some countries in America and Europe

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The status of the Chinese vaccine

China’s two vaccines are not effective against Synoform and Synobac Omicron Meanwhile, these two vaccines have been given in more than half of the countries around the world The vaccine has been given in China and low-income countries Brazil and Mexico

An early study in Britain found that Omicron did not become infected within six months of receiving the Oxford-Estrogenica vaccine. The Covishield brand of vaccine in India has been adopted as a vaccine It is also widely used in Africa Global Covid Vaccine Program Cobax has been given 6 million doses in 44 countries.

Scientists claim that Russia’s Sputnik vaccine, which has been applied in Africa and Latin America, does not provide protection against Omicron.


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