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# Auckland: The age difference between 5 to 6 years between a girl and a boy is not a big deal for marriage. Many get married at a slightly older age, and many get married at the same age. Marriage between a boy and a girl is very common between these ages. But recently came the news of a slightly older age marriage (Viral News).

A girl and a man have been married between the ages of 20 and 25 (20 year girl married to 46 year old man). Rosana Inkpen, 20, of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand, is married to Scott, 48. Scott met Rozana Inkpen 2 years ago and at that time Rozana Inkpen decided to marry Scott at the first sight.

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Rozana Inkpen was 18 when she first met her husband Scott, and Scott was 44. Although Rozana Inkpen and Scott are about 25 years apart, they start dating.

Scott was a steel broker in Australia at the time and came to New Zealand on vacation. Shortly after their first meeting with Scott and Rozana Inkpen, the two ended their engagement. Scott and Rozana Inkpen both don’t care much about age.

Daughter and father married? What is being discussed around the couple! - News18 Bangla

Rozana Inkpen says that when she first met Scott, the whole town was practicing with him. Almost everyone was curious about Scott. In the meanwhile the two of them started talking. Rozana arrives in Australia to meet Inkpen Scott and from there their love begins.

Rozana Inkpen reports that many have told her that the relationship will not last long, even if everything happens so quickly. But he also says that trusting each other is the key to maintaining a long-term relationship.

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Despite being 25 years apart, Scott and Rozana Inkpen’s relationship continued to grow and they got married. Many have since told Rozana Inkpen that Scott married her for money. After this marriage, many close friends of Rozana Inkpen moved away from him, because her husband was the same age as her father.

Rozana Inkpen reports that most people think of them as father and daughter, rather than husband and wife. Despite all this, she is very happy with her husband



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