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Diamond is said to be the best in gemology. The king of gems, the diamond, always has a question. There is a longing to wear a diamond in everyone’s mind. In astrology also, diamond is said to give happiness and wealth and give Aishwarya.

According to astrology, diamond is the gem of the planet Venus and the planet Venus is the planet that gives happiness, wealth, and luxury. In such a situation, wearing a diamond that strengthens Venus is not beneficial for everyone. Diamond does a lot of benefit to the people of some zodiac signs and harms some.

Let us know which zodiac sign is auspicious for the person wearing a diamond and who should avoid wearing a diamond.


If you belong to the sign of Aries and Venus is the lord of the second or seventh part of your horoscope, then you should stay away from diamonds. Wearing a diamond will not be auspicious for you.

The people of Taurus must wear diamond. If seen, this is the most auspicious sign for a diamond because the lord of Taurus is Venus. The people of this zodiac get a lot of benefit from wearing diamonds.

Diamond is also auspicious for the people of Gemini sign because Venus sits in the fifth and 12th part of this zodiac. If the people of Gemini zodiac wear diamond, then their intellect becomes sharp.

Venus is the lord of 4th and 11th house in Cancer sign and in this sense, the people of this zodiac should wear diamond only when Venus is in Mahadasha. Apart from this, these people should not wear diamonds.

Diamond is not auspicious for the people of Leo zodiac. Venus is the lord of the third and tenth parts in this zodiac and such people suffer losses in job and business by wearing diamonds.

Venus is the lord of the second and ninth parts in Virgo. Such people will not have any big problem in wearing a diamond. If these people wear diamond, then Venus sitting in their zodiac will be strong and will give auspicious results.

Diamonds are very beneficial to the people of Libra because in Libra, Venus is called the lord of the ascendant i.e. the first place. Such people can wear diamonds throughout their life, they will always be blessed with diamonds.

In Scorpio, the planet Venus is said to be the lord of the seventh and 12th house and secondly, the lord of this zodiac is Mars. Due to the enmity of Mars and Venus, Diamond gives inauspicious results for the people of this zodiac. These people should not wear diamonds.

Diamonds also do not give auspicious results to the people of Sagittarius, because here Venus is said to be the lord of the sixth and 11th parts. If such people wear diamonds, then there are many kinds of troubles on wealth and health.

Diamond is beneficial for the people of Capricorn because here Venus is said to be the lord of the fifth and tenth parts. If these people wear diamond, then there is benefit in many difficulties of life.

Venus is sitting in Aquarius as the lord of the fourth and ninth parts and hence it is very auspicious for the people of this zodiac. Such people should wear diamond when there is Mahadasha of Venus. By this luck will be strong and you will become wealthy.

Jupiter is the lord of Pisces. Brihaspati is the guru of the gods and Venus is the demon. In this sense, there is ultimate enmity between these two and diamond does not give auspicious results to the people of Pisces.

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