Do you have this 500 rupees note? Then you can become the owner of huge money


#NewDelhi: If you have this old Rs 500 note (500 rs old note) you can get the goods at home. In 2016, 500 taka notes were canceled by the central government But in spite of this, the value of this note is still very high in the market You can earn huge amount of money by sitting at home by auctioning this 500 taka note online.

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Learn more about notes –

The responsibility of printing notes rests with the Reserve Bank A pattern is fixed and notes are printed accordingly For this, all the notes have to look like one But if there is any mistake in any note while printing the note and it goes to the market then it becomes special And many people agree to buy this with a few times more money

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Note that this serial number must be –

If you have an old 500 taka note, you must check its serial number 7 If the serial number is printed twice in the note, the price of that note is 5000 rupees In addition, if a corner of a 500 taka note is large, the value of that note can be 10,000 taka

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How to do online auction?

– Go to the website –

– You have to register yourself as a seller

– After registering yourself, you have to upload the picture of 500 taka note online

– Interested person can contact you and talk about this



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