Drunk Man Beheads Throat Of Another Man During Animal Sacrifice, Arrested


Hyderabad: In a gory turn of events, a man slit throat of another person instead of the goat. This incident occurred amid Sankranti celebrations in Andhra Pradesh’s Chittoor district on Sunday.

The villagers initially thought the deceased was killed as the person who was about to chop the goat’s head was inebriated. However, the police revealed that this was not a mistake made under the influence of alcohol.

Police confirmed that he was killed for revenge for not donating to Sankranthi celebrations.

Madanapalle DSP Ravi Manoharachari said Sankranthi celebrations were held in Madanapalle Rural Zone Valasapalle. But the Sankranthi festivities were filled with tragedy when Chalapathi, who was inebriated while holding a knife to slaughter a goat, chop Suresh’s throat, who held the goat.

However, it was all assumed by the people that this would happen by mistake as the accused got intoxicated.

But police said the preliminary investigation revealed that Suresh was murdered. During the Sankranthi festival, the villagers of Valasapalle made donations like every year but Suresh hasn’t contributed for the celebrations.

At the time of animal sacrifice, Chalapathi chopped off Suresh’s head with a knife. Suresh was hastened to Madanapalle Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

After receiving information from the locals, the police registered a case and launched an investigation. On Tuesday afternoon, Chalapathi was taken into custody at Handrineva Canal and interrogated.

Police were shocked when Chalapathy admitted that he had killed Suresh for no contribution from the latter. DSP Ravi Manoharachari congratulated Madanapalle Rural CI Srinivasan and SI Chandrasekhar for arresting the accused Chalapathi within 48 hours of Suresh’s murder.

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