Earn 1 Lakh Rupees From 5 And 10 Rupees Note Earn Money Currency Note Sale


Earn Money from currency: If you are also thinking of earning money sitting at home, then you can earn easily, but for this you must have 1, 5 and 10 rupee notes. If you have this note then you can earn full 1 lakh rupees. Let us tell you today how-

can sell notes online
At this time old notes and coins are very much in trend, so you can earn by selling them online. You can sell these notes on websites like eBay and Coinbazzar. You can also bargain for money in their sale.

45000 rupees will be available for 1 rupee
If you have 1 rupee note with you, then you can get full 45 thousand rupees in return for it. The Government of India may have stopped the circulation of one rupee notes, but it is still in great demand in the market. You can sell a bundle of 1 rupee note for 45 thousand, but this note should be signed by Governor HM Patel in the year 1957.

30,000 rupees will be available for 5 rupees
Apart from this, if you have a 5 rupee note, then you can get full 30,000 rupees in return. Let us tell you that the tractor must be made on the note of 5 rupees. Apart from this, the number 786 should also be in this note. If you have this kind of note then you can earn your money. You can sell it on coinbazzar.com.

25000 rupees will be available instead of 10 rupees
If you have an old 10 rupee note, then you can get full 25000 rupees, but for this you should have a special 10 rupee note. Let us tell you that this note was issued in 1943 during the time of British Raj. It is necessary to have Ashoka Pillar on it. If you have such a note, then you can sell it online.



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