Earn Monney: You can start this business with the help of Modi government; There will be a profit of 50,000 rupees!


#NewDelhi: Nowadays soap making business is known as a very lucrative (Earn Money) business. Soap is in demand all over the country at all times. So it is possible to get profit easily through Soap Business.

Soap Making Business –

In this business soap is made with the help of machine and it is sold in the market. Many people make soap by hand and sell it in the market. The biggest advantage of this business is that it can be started on a small scale. The soap making business is known as a very lucrative (Earn Money) business. It is possible to get profit easily through soap making business (Buisness Idea).

Soap market category in India

The soap market can be divided into different categories based on its use.

– Laundry Soap

– Beauty Soap

– Medicated Soap

– Kitchen Soap

– Perfumed Soap

Any type of soap business can be started based on the market demand.

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Business can be started for 4 lakh rupees

At present there is a demand for soap in almost all places from small towns to big cities, marginal villages etc. As a result, soap making is a lucrative business. A soap factory can be opened for very little money. To start a soap business, a loan can be taken through the Modi government’s currency scheme. There are many benefits to borrowing from this currency scheme.

The amount of income

According to the profile of the central government’s currency scheme project, it is possible to produce about 4 lakh kilos in a year. Its total value is about 48 lakh rupees. Excluding all other expenses, the soap making business has the potential to earn around Tk 6 lakh per annum. As a result, the soap business is expected to make a profit of around Rs 50,000 per month.

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The cost of the machine

About 650 square feet of space is required to install the soap making unit. Of this, 500 sq ft space is required for Dhaka and the rest without Dhaka. About 7 types of ingredients are required for making soap. According to the project report, the soap making machine will cost around 1 lakh rupees.

Loans can be obtained from banks

It costs about Rs. 15,30,000 to set up a soap making unit. This includes unit space, machines and three months of banking capital. Out of this 15.30 lakhs, they have to spend only 3.62 lakhs. The rest of the money can be taken as a loan through a currency scheme.



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