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New York: How many kinds of thoughts do not come to people’s heads This is why it is said that the human mind is the most complex Strange ideas come to mind that no one can comment on. Recently, such a shocking incident took place in the United States (US man charged with cannibalism)

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Eating human flesh will cure his head disease This person started killing people from this idea! Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either This is exactly what happened in the United States Although he could not do this work for a long time Police have arrested 8 accused The incident took place in Idaho, USA

According to the Daily Beast, police say a 70-year-old man named David Flaggett has suddenly disappeared. During the investigation, the police found the body of the old man at the house of the accused James David Russell After searching, the police recovered David’s body from the house David’s hands and feet were tied And several parts of the body were not found After the interrogation, Russell explained why he did this The body was kept in a car outside the house

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Police said Russell’s home was searched on suspicion. Blood-stained knives and several pots were recovered from there. Police are investigating whether Russell has killed anyone else before.

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